Season of fresh green

自宅でMac Studioを使用していて、Adobe Creative Cloudを
Mac StudioをWebだけでは、勿体無いなと思い、
Premiere Pro入ってるなと、今日、初動画編集をやってみた。

Mac StudioとAdobe Creative Cloudの両方を活用する目的で。

今後、さらに学びを深めてPremiere Proを活用できるようになりたいな♪

I use Mac Studio at home and have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.
I thought it would be a shame to use Mac Studio only for the web,
so I decided to try my hand at editing a video for the first time today,
since Premiere Pro is included.

I thought I would upload a video to update my website for the first time in 5 years.
I wanted to take advantage of both Mac Studio and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Used fade-out for video & audio,
I created a simple video edit. First production & first release.
I hope to learn more and be able to utilize Premiere Pro in the future.


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